Friday, February 12, 2016

Building a Pit Greenhouse - You Gotta Have Fun!

For a bit of comic relief and to share the fact that not all things go according to plan, we have the morning where we were locked out of the Pit ... the glass doors were locked and a piece of the polycarbonate had blown in front of the cellar door wedging itself into an impossible spot:

OOPS ... "Pit" Greenhouse Locked / Blocked

Then there was the day AL went shopping by himself ... imagine our surprise when he asked us to help "unload" the car!

Unloading & working with this was like wrestling a box of snakes!  It will be the passive geothermal heating & cooling system.  For our purpose it will probably be more efficient during the summer to help with cooling the greenhouse. This is close to 500 feet ... Scheesch!

Wrestling a Box of Snakes!

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